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Public Hearing Notice

Posted Date: 09/28/2020

Public Hearing Notice

Public Hearing Notice:                                                                                            9/25/2020


RRISD, Rolling Hills Elementary


We are requesting assistance from parents, students, the community, and stakeholders to solicit public comments on our Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP). 

In 2019 River Road Rolling Hills Elementary campus received a rating of Overall F/Year One.  The campus was also identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement.

For 2020 state academic accountability, all districts and campuses received a label of Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster. However, districts and campuses shall continue to implement previously ordered sanctions and interventions.

The campus will also hold public meetings virtually on October 9 as part of our Parent Conference Day to review the campus performance rating and solicit input on the development of the Targeted Improvement Plan. 

Prior to that date will have our Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) on the RRISD website under the Rolling Hills Elementary campus required postings tab for review. 

Please email me at with your suggestions and comments by October 16, 2020.


Thank you all for sharing your students with us,

Mrs. Brandstatt, Principal

Rolling Hills Elementary