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Congratulations Mrs. Reeves!

Posted Date: 12/17/2020

Congratulations Mrs. Reeves!

Congratulations to Rolling Hills Special Education teacher, Mrs. Reeves, for being selected as a November winner of Mrs. Baird’s Teacher on the Rise! She was nominated by one of her students, Kellan Ward, and his mother Erica Burrell. Way to show that WILDCAT SPIRIT!

The 2020-2021 Teachers On The Rise program continues to be a big hit! We're are so pleased to continue recognizing the contributions and innovations of so many educators throughout this unique school year. Congratulations to our November winners! There's not a better way to celebrate and thank your teachers than by nominating them for Teachers On The Rise. With the holiday break coming up, we want to remind parents and students that our Teachers On The Rise portal will remain open during the time off from school. It is a fun and easy way for students to show appreciation for the teachers who have had a positive impact on their lives! Encourage your students to submit their nominations monthly throughout the academic year in order to give your teachers the recognition they deserve! Nominations can be resubmitted for teachers who don't win. Here's a quick tip: Remind students to be as detailed as possible and tell us how their favorite teacher goes above and beyond!

Our entry site,, is open throughout the school year, so don't forget to nominate your favorite teacher! As social distancing becomes our new normal for the time being, we know teachers are now having to step outside their comfort level and teach in a different way. But they are still making an impact, and we still want to honor those who make these special impressions and go above-and-beyond. Therefore, PLEASE let students and families know that even though they may not in the school building, learning continues and the Teachers On The Rise program continues too....and since our nomination site is all online, this is a perfect way to honor teachers while practicing writing skills, typing, and yes--even social distancing. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Reeves and Ward